Thanks to the rapid growth of IT applications, today, all confidential or critical data and services ridiedono on corporate data center over a private network: while connected to Internet, without a firewall, all the system is accessible to anyone on the net, with no protection against unauthorized access or malicious software.


Fw_G is a tested firewall solution for the protection of medium and large company resources and IT integrity.

Portguardian's objective is keeping your data flow safe and secure, stopping intrusions or loss, without compromising the performance of the IT system: company aim must remain the business not the network security issue.

The most important characteristics  about Fw_G:

  • Incoming connections limited to only those explicitly allowed

  • outgoing connections limited to only those explicitly allowed

  • intrusion prevention systems (IPSs)

  • Web interface very simple and efficient for  configuration

  • No need of  expensive servers to operate.

  • No limitation about  the IT infrastructure .

  • Proxy agent for web surfing

  • Content filtering

  • Support to virtual private network (VPN) technology

  • Personalization of policies of  application and protocol inspection to avoid exploits of OS vulnerabilities